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British Home Children

“At first Matthew suggested getting a “Home” boy. But I said “no” flat to that. “They may be all right - I’m not saying they’re not - but no London street arabs for me,” I said, “Give me a native born at least. There’ll be a risk, no matter who we get. But I’ll feel easier in my mind and sleep sounder at nights if we get a born Canadian.”

Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

 “The history of the British home children, of the challenges they faced and the difficult obstacles they overcame, is my family's history. It is my history, as it is for the estimated 10% of Canadians who are descended in some way from British home children.”

The Hon. Eric Hoskins MPP, Ontario Minister for Health.

“When they arrived overseas, all alone in the world, many of our most vulnerable children endured the harshest of conditions, neglect and abuse…. Those children were robbed of their childhood, the most precious years of their life.…We cannot change history, but I believe that by confronting the failings of the past, we can show we are determined to do all we can to heal the wounds.”

The Rt. Hon. Dr. James Gordon Brown, MP, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northen Ireland.

“For many children, the move to Canada kept the promise of a better life. However, some Home Children suffered in Canada, because of difficult living conditions, work demands, cruel treatment, and perhaps, most of all - the absence of the love of a family.”

Jason T. Kenney, PC, MP is Canada's Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism.

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