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Presentations on British Home Children/Author Talks


Probus Club Brampton                     January 7/15              Brampton, Ontario

Probus Club Mississauga                 January 8/15              Mississauga, Ontario

Young at Heart Club                         January 13/15            North York, Ontario

Library - Ontario Heritage Week       Feb. 19/15                 Aurora, Ont.

Scarborough Historical Society         Feb. 24/15                Scarborough, Ont.

Probus Streetsville                            March 10/15              Streetsville, Ont.

Kawartha Lakes United Church        March 17/15               Omemee, Ont.


Toronto Genealogical Society           March 23/15              Toronto, Ont.

St. Luke's Church                              April 1/15                    North York, Ont.

Probus Stouffville                              April 9/15                   Stouffville, Ont

First Post Office, Campbell House    April 13/15                 Toronto, Ont.

St. Stephan-on-the-Mount                 April 18/15                Hamilton, Ont.

Kitchener Genealogy Fair                 April 25/15                 Kitchener, Ont.

Forward Baptist Church                     May 1/15                  Toronto, Ont.

Solina Community Centre                  May 2/15                   Enniskillen, Ont.

Leaside Historical Society                  May 5/15                   Toronto, Ont.

Woodbine United Church                   May 7/15                    Toronto, Ont.

Mapleton Historical Society               May 8/15                   Drayton, Ont

Canadian Fed. Univ. Women            May 11/15                 Scarborough, Ont.

Elgin OGS                                         May 13/15                  St. Thomas, Ont.

Ont. Genealogical Society                May 30/15                  Barrie, Ont

Nobelton Women's Institute              June 4/15                   Nobleton, Ont.

Uxbridge Historical Centre                June 11/15                 Uxbridge, Ont.
Probus Club                                      June 24/15                 London, Ont.

Lake Erie Islands Hist. Society         June 25/15                  Put In Bay,Ohio, 

Women's Institute                             June 28/15                  Amherst Island

Probus Whitby-Brooklin                    July 22/15                   Brooklin, Ont.

One World Conference                     Aug. 21/15                  Bramption, ON   

BIFSGO Conference                        Sept. 18/19/15             Ottawa, ON            

British HOME CHILD DAY                September 26 and 27 at Fanshaw Pioneer Village in London, Ontario - Admission and Parking FREE

Norval Women's Institute                  October 2/15              Norval, Ontario

Probus Caledon East                        October 14/15            Caledon, Ontario

Stoney Creek Baptist Church            Nov. 10/15                 London, Ont.

Can. Fed. University Women            Nov. 11/15                  Etobicoke, Ont.

Meaford Hall                                     Nov. 15/15                   Meaford, Ont.

Private Listing                                    Nov. 16/15                 Toronto, Ont.

Univesity Women's Club                    Nov. 23/15                 Toronto, ON

Aurora Historical Society                    Nov. 25/15                 Aurora, ON

Probus Club, Brampton                      Jan. 19/16                 Brampton, ON

Norfolk Museum                                 Jan. 28/16                  Simcoe, ON

Esquesing Historical Society              April 13/16                 Halton Hills, ON

Streetsville Historical Society             April 14/16                  Streetsville, ON

York Grand River Historical Society   April 20/16                  Caledonia, ON

Canadian Federation of University
Women                                               May 2/16                     Calgary, ALTA

South Grey Museum                          August 24/16             Flesherton, ON     

OGS Scottish Special Int. Group        Aug. 27/16                Toronto, Ont.

Probus Cooksville                               Sept. 15/16                Cooksville, Ont.

Hastings County Historical Society    Oct. 18/16                  Belleville, ON


United Church Breakfast Club        Jan.  4/14                    Richmond Hill, Ont. 

W.Toronto Junction Historical
Society                                            Feb. 6/14                     Toronto, Ont.

Clarington Historical Society          Feb. 18/14                    Bowmanville, Ont.

Halton-Peel OGS                            Feb. 23/13                   Oakville, Ont.

Ontario Genealogical Society         March 13/14                Niagara, Ont.

"By the Bay" Probus Club               March 18/14               Collingwood, Ont.
Orillia Historical Society                  March 19/14                Orillia, Ont.

Probus Club                                    March 26/14                Flower City, Brampton,
Wellington County Museum             April 5/14                    Fergus, Ont.

Probus Club                                     April 16/14                  Brampton, On

Millbrook Historical Society              April 24/14                  Millbrook, Ont.

W. Toronto Junction Hist.Society     May 1/14                    Toronto, Ont.

Probus Club, Old Oakville                May 7/14                    Oakville, Ont.

Orillia Library Open House               May 24/14                  Orillia, Ont.

Can. University of Women               May 27/14                  Cornwall, Ont.

Probus Club                                     June 5/14                    Scarborough, Ont.

4th Line Theatre                               July 18/14                   Millbrook, Ont.

WWI Commemoration Day               July 28/14                  Black Creek Pioneer
                                                                                            Village, Toronto   
Probus Club                                      Aug. 14/14                 Stouffville, Ont.
Orangeville Library                            Aug.16/14                  Orangeville, Ont.

Probus Club                                      Aug. 21/14                  Etobicoke, Ont.

Scottish Special Interest Group        Aug. 22/14                  Vaughan, Ont.

One World Conference                    Aug. 23/14                   Brampton, Ont.

Celtic Festival                                  Sept. 6/7                      Toronto, Ont.

Orangeville Library                          Sept. 13/14                  Orangeville, Ont.

North Emily Women's Inst.              Sept. 17/14                   Kawartha Lakes,Ont.

Probus Burlington                            Sept. 22/14                  Burlington, Ont.

Telco Annual Conference                Sept. 24/14                  North York, Ont.

BOOK LAUNCH                                                                   Black Creek
BRITISH HOME CHILD DAY           September 28/14        Pioneer Village, Toronto

Strathmore Library (webcast)          Oct. 15/14                    Strathmore, Alberta

Shelf Life Book Store                       Oct. 17/14                   Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Library                                Oct. 18/14                    Calgary, Alberta

TORONTO BOOK LAUNCH            Oct. 23/14                   Dora Keough's Irish Pub

Meaford Speaker's Series                Oct. 26/14                   Meaford, Ont.

Peterborough Library                        Oct.29/14                   Peterborough

Learning Series                                Oct. 30/14                   Kanata, Ont.    

Barrie Legion,
Barrie Historical Society
Simcoe Country Historical Society    Nov. 18/14                 Barrie, Ont.

British Ladies Club                            Nov. 19/14                  Stouffville, Ont

Roman Catholic School Board          Nov. 26/14                  Toronto, Ont.



Probus Club                                    Jan. 2/13                     Ajax, Ont.

Probus Gateway                             Jan. 15/13                   Collingwood, Ont.

Probus Club                                    Jan.17/13                    Scarborough, Ont.

Probus Club                                    Feb. 12/13                   Bradford, Ont.

Sunbird Probus Club                      Feb. 21/13                    Wasaga, Ont.

Bradford Public Library                    Feb. 21/13                  Bradford, Ont. 

Probus Club                                    March 4/13                   Burlington, Ont.    

Probus Club Stratford                     March 13/13                 Stratford, Ont.

Probus Club North Oakville            March 14/13                 Oakville, Ont.

Men's Probus Club Newmarket      March 20/13                 Newmarket, Ont.

Probus Club Oakville                      March 21/13               Oakville, Ont.

Curtain Club Theatre                      March 24/13                Richmond Hill, Ont.

Richmond Hill Library                     March 30/13                Richmond Hill, Ont.

Probus Club                                    April 1/13                    Bracebridge, Ont.

Curtain Club Theatre                      April 4/13                    Richmond Hill, Ont.

BHC Day at Ottawa Library            April 6/13                    Ottawa, Ont.

Probus Club Swan Lake                April 10/13                  Markham, Ont.

Mountain View Probus Club           April 11/13                 Collingwood, Ont.

Probus Club Muskoka Lakes          April 16/13                 Muskoka Lakes, Ont.

Probus Club                                    April 17/13                 South London, Ont.

Probus Club                                    May 1/13                    London, Ont.

Probus Club of Quinte                    May 2/13                    Belleville, Ont.

Westway Probus                             May 9/13                    Etobicoke, Ont.

Orillia Public Library                        May 11/13                  Orillia, Ont.

Blue Mountain Probus                    May 16/13                  Collingwood, Ont.

Ganaraska Probus Club                  May 23/13                  Port Hope, Ont.

West Hill Mature Adults                   June 10/13                 West Hill, Ont.

Owen Sound Library                       June 15/13                Owen Sound, Ont.

Probus Club                                    June 20/13                 Burlington, Ont.

Probus Club                                    June 25/13                 Kingsway/Islington, Ont.

Probus Club                                     July 11/13                  Belleville, Ont.

One World Conference                    Aug. 24/13                 Bradford, Ont.

Probus Club                                    Sept.6/13                    South Simcoe, Ont. 

Probus Club                                    Sept. 10/13                 Lindsay, Ont.

Telco                                                Sept. 17/13                Scarborough, Ont.

Newmarket Historical Society          Sept. 18/13                Newmarket, Ont.

Private function                                Sept. 20/13                Richmond Hill, Ont.

Quinte OGS                                     Sept. 21/13                Trenton, Ont.

3rd Annual BHC Day                       Sept. 28/13                Upper Canada Village

Painswick Library Branch                Oct. 17/13                  Barrie, Ont.

Library                                             Oct. 26/13                   Newmarket, Ont.

Swansea Historical Society             Nov. 6/13                    Toronto, Ont.

Probus Club                                     Nov. 19/13                  Credit River, Ont.

Probus Club                                     Nov. 21/13                  Cooksville, Ont.

Ontario Genealogical Society          Nov. 25/13                   St. Thomas, Ont.


Waterloo Genealogy Society Jan. 12/12 Waterloo, Ont.

Tango Palace Coffee Shop Jan. 19/12 Toronto, Ont.

Cornwall Public Library Jan. 29/12 Cornwall, Ont.

East York Historical
Society Jan. 31/12 Toronto, Ont.

Guelph Historical Society March 6/12 Toronto, Ont.

Ingleside Library March 8/12 Ingleside, Ont.

Private Function April 2/12 Toronto, Ont.

Durham West Probus Group April 12/12 Ajax, Ont.

Cobourg Probus Group May 17/12 Cobourg, Ont.

Haliburton Historical Society May 26,/12 Minden, Ont.

Ontario Genealogical Society June 1 - 3/12 Kingston, Ont.

Private Function June 7/12 Toronto, Ont.

Saint John Genealogical
Society June 14/12 Saint John, NB

Moncton Highland Games June 16/12 Moncton, NB

Confederation Centre
Public Library June 20/12 Charlottetown

Summerside Highland
Gathering June 22 - 24/12 Summerside, PEI

Probus Group June 28/12 Kentville, NS

Kincardine Highland Games July 6 - 812 Kincardine, Ont.

Glengarry Highland Games August 3/4 Maxville, Ont

Probus Group Scarborough August 21 Scarborough, Ont.

Probus Group Perth Sept. 5/12 Perth, Ont.

BIFHSGO Sept 14-15/12 Ottawa, Ont.

Word on the Street Sept. 23/12 Toronto, Ont.

1st Annual British Home
Child Day in Ontario Sept. 28/12 Upper Canada Village, Ont.

Symposium Sept. 29/12 Long Sault, Ont.

Pape and Danforth Library Oct. 6/12 Toronto, Ont.

Probus Group Oct. 10/12 Brighton, Ont.

Alta Vista Library Oct. 13/12 Ottawa, Ont.

Kingston Genealogical
Society Oct. 20/12 Kingston, Ont.

Waterloo Museum Oct. 29/12 Waterloo, Ont.

British Home Child
Special Interest Group                    Nov.1/12             Web conference

Williamstown Library Nov. 6/12 Williamstown, Ont.

Avonmore Library Nov. 6/12 Avonmore, Ont.

Long Sault Library Nov. 7/12 Long Sault, Ont.

Morrisburg Library Nov. 8/12 Morrisburg, Ont.

South Mountain Library Nov. 8/12 South Mountain, Ont.

Tweed and Area
Historical Society Nov. 14/12 Tweed, Ont.

The Lambton Room Nov. 18/12 Sarnia Lib. Theatre

Lighthouse Books Nov. 25/12 Brighton, Ont.

Probus Club Dec. 17/12     Flamborough, Ont.


British Isles Family History
Society of Greater Ottawa Sept. 16,17,18/11 Ottawa, Ont.

Upper Canada Village Sept. 28/11 Morrisburg, Ont.

British Home Child Descendants
Association reunion Oct. 15/11 Truro, Nova Scotia

Toronto Book Launch
Murphy's Law Irish Pub Nov. 7/11 Toronto, Ont.

Ottawa Genealogical
Society Nov. 15/11 Ottawa, Ont.

Collected Works
Bookstore and Coffee Bar Nov. 26/11 Ottawa, Ont.

Riverdale Historical
Society Nov. 29/11 Toronto, Ont.

Cafe 349 Dec. 3/11 Shawville, Quebec

Toronto International
Film Festival Reel Talk Dec. 10/11 Toronto, Ont

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