Sandra Joyce


Sandra Joyce is the author of three books based on her British Home Child father, Robert Joyce, her uncle Thomas Joyce, and aunt Emma Joyce.

The Street Arab was launched at the first British Home Child Day in Ontario in September 2011 and chronicles the life of a young boy torn from his family by the First World War, life in an institution in the UK and the subsequent emigration of him to Canada to work as an indentured farm worker.
Belonging, the sequel to The Street Arab, looks at the struggles Robert faced as an adult because of his upbringing.

Trees and Rocks, Rocks and Trees is the most recently launched and is a youth reader for youth, ten years old and up. There are questions and answers to help the young understand the subject matter.  There are also topics of discussion.

Sandra Joyce is an author and an Advocate of the British Home Children and has given up to 190 presentations on the subject right across Canada. She is a native Torontonian and studied journalism at Ryerson University. During her tenure at CBS Records, she was an award-winning publicist. She also was a contractor negotiator for the German Department of Defence.

After her return to Canada, she became a consultant for an independent music company, an English teacher and a storyteller.
Home Boys Robert and Thomas Joyce on the steps of Quarrier's Fairknowe House in Brockville in 1925.
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