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Sandra Joyce



Ms. Sandra Joyce is an Author and Advocate for the British Home Children. She has written two books as well as has done over 125 presentations on the subject.
Based on her Home Child father’s life, ‘The Street Arab’ looks at the causes of familial breakdown, life in the Homes in the UK, a Home Child’s subsequent immigration to Canada as well as a Home Boy’s life on the farm.
Belonging’, which is the sequel to the ‘The Street Arab’, looks at the lasting effects this immigration scheme had on these children and their families during adulthood.
Ms. Joyce is a native Torontonian with a varied career. A Journalism graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, she was an award-winning publicist during her tenure at CBS Records, a contract negotiator for the German Department of Defence as well as an English teacher and storyteller. She is currently the Director-at-Large for the British Home Child Group International.


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